Human Responsibility

What is HR really?

Everyone has known HR stands for Human Resources for years. But the more we think about it, the less we feel that this definition adequately describes what we do. We believe that people who work with us and for us are so much more than just resources. We call this Human Responsibility.

You + us = true?

Naturally, working in the industry for more than ten years offers a wide variety of advantages, such as the chance to develop an extensive contact network of wonderful people.

You objectives are our job.

Our most important task is to identify and analyse your and your organisations’ needs, so that we can provide you with the best possible solutions – regardless of whether you come to us as a client, a consultant or a candidate.

Questions and answers

We can, for example, provide support when your HR department is under pressure, during recruitment processes, when your company is lacking a specific competence, during planned or unplanned absences, and if you want to build up an HR function from scratch.
Absolutely. You’ll find details on how to do this in your customer agreement.
With help of benchmarking, we ensure that you arrive at an appropriate salary level. We know what salary levels are in different sectors and for different roles.
It’s good, and very much appreciated, if internal candidates undergo a similar recruitment process, and that the same questions are asked of all candidates. It can also be a good idea to bring in an external partner for tests and in-depth interviews.
Yes, of course. Candidates receive a link via email; sit the test at home, before coming to us for feedback. A written report is then drafted and we are happy to meet candidates again if necessary. We compare the qualities, driving forces and abilities that are required for success in a given role with those of the candidate.