Do you need an expert in a specific area?

Is your company facing change? Have you identified a skills gap? Are you the subject of a takeover or acquisition? Do you need to improve your labour law knowledge? Are you facing personnel challenges? Do you want to offer your employees training? Do you want to develop your team? When we have identified what you need, we use our contact network of outstanding consultants to find the ideal support for you.

We can train managers and HR staff

Following changes to Swedish working environment legislation made in 2016, we have developed a robust and readily applied course given by our expert on the field. We’re also happy to arrange courses on many other HR areas. For example, we have tailored courses on labour law, recruitment and systematic working environment measures.

We have legal and regulatory experts

Our labour law experts can, for example, work as certified support in negotiations and help you with tricky labour law issues. Whether you should delegate working environment responsibilities for systematic working environment measures, or when you need support with day-to-day working environment issues we can also help.

For challenging personnel situations

We know that certain personnel situations can be especially challenging or sensitive. With our consultants’ help, you can get someone to manage the situation with the necessary professionalism, knowledge and empathy – whatever it takes to resolve the situation in the best way possible for all parties.

Or rehabilitation issues

Rehabilitation issues can be both complicated and time consuming. Luckily, we have specialists that can join your company and help you. Consultants ensure that rehabilitation processes are managed according to all relevant regulatory requirements.

Different situations demand different training

Over the years, we have coached some 500 managers and employees who have faced starkly contrasting requirements and wishes about their development. This can for example relate to strengthening leadership abilities prior to taking on a new role, or finding new career paths following rehabilitation. Methodical and committed, we work to achieve the goals that we have set together.

Our Outplacement programme

Thanks to our coaches always being up-to-speed with the latest and most tactical job search techniques, we offer our smart Outplacement programme when one of your managers or employees decides to leave their position. Furthermore, they get a professional coach who conducts thorough research to ensure that the next step they take is the best it can be.

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You can reach us on +46 (0) 8 21 68 90

“They’re great at getting us to pin down what we want and what we’re looking for, and they have a knack of understanding exactly what we need. And the results have always been excellent, they’ve got it spot on every time.” – Ernst Nathorst Böös, CEO, Propellerhead Software 

“For me, more than anything, they are a partner on HR issues. What’s more, we always have fun working together.” – Pia Geivald, HR Manager, AniCura 

“Commitment and dedication is what makes ID Entity special for me. They’re extremely professional and meticulous, and demand the best from us and candidates.” – Ingrid Roslund Winje, Labour Law and Negotiation, Skandia