Live as a Lifeline.

Name: Pär Wallerborg.

Number of years as an HR consultant: 16 as personnel manager and three as a consultant. 

Fast paced

A Lifeline assignment differs from “normal” projects in that you are often asked to step in at short notice. Sometimes an immediate answer is needed. But this also means that I rarely work 100 per cent with the same company. Because I make sure that I’m not fully occupied with other assignments, there’s always space to take care of questions from Lifeline clients.

In other words, my days tend to look very different from one another. Many companies know that they need support but not how to go about obtaining it, or how long it takes. The first step of a new assignment is therefore always to discuss what needs to be done. We usually agree on how to approach the initial phase and we subsequently review progress.

For example, a company recently wanted to make changes to its employment contracts, and needed to know what it could and couldn’t do. So together, we drew up a plan detailing how they should proceed and I took care of contact with union representatives. In this case, I was primarily managerial support, but my role differs from assignment to assignment.

Colleagues into the bargain

When I first started working as a consultant, I spoke to Ylva at ID Entity. She gave me loads of tips and advice, and we agreed to keep the door open to future co-operation. We have been in contact since then; they always get in touch as soon as they have an assignment that they think would suit me.

This is probably the best thing about working as a consultant – discovering new sectors and gaining new experiences. And with ID Entity, I also get colleagues into the bargain. There’s a wonderfully broad range of skills available within the company itself on the one hand, and on the other, you have their network, you have a complete supplier that is hard to beat. And then I get great assignments as well, often better than those I get in myself.

Common questions

Have broad competence thanks to my lengthy career track, but often manage relationships with union representatives and companies’ salary and pension issues.

Favourite pastimes

Outside work, family life and an ambition to exercise are at the top of my list. A little jogging and the odd hike from time to time.