Welcome to HR Lifeline!

As a CEO in an organisation that lacks an HR director, it is sometimes necessary to discuss strategic HR issues with someone. Or do you have exclusive HR responsibility and need support? Our consultants all have extensive experience, and help companies and organisations to be stronger and more profitable by co-ordinating or reinforcing their HR functions on a daily basis: they are happiest when they contribute their business thinking to your operations. So, how can we help you today?

When should you call HR Lifeline?

Presumably, you are here today because you need certified support in HR in your day-to-day operations. Perhaps you are unable to employ people right now, perhaps you don’t need to employ anyone.

However your day-to-day operations look, you need our help. We therefore offer what we call HR Lifeline. A professional consultant who understands your operations and company culture, and whom you can bring in when needed. And of course, you only pay for the hours you hire our consultants.

How does it work?

We draw up a co-operation agreement in which time is allocated according to your requirements. As soon as we have an idea of your needs, we find a suitable consultant who comes in as your HR Lifeline. Depending on your preferences, the consultant will help with operations and/or strategic support, at your place of work, via phone or email.

Meet one of our HR Lifelines

Pär Wallerborg

A livline mission differs from “normal” tasks in the way that you often will be asked at a short notice. Sometimes they need immediate answers …

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You can reach us on +46 (0) 8 21 68 90

“They’re great at getting us to pin down what we want and what we’re looking for, and they have a knack of understanding exactly what we need. And the results have always been excellent, they’ve got it spot on every time.” – Ernst Nathorst Böös, CEO, Propellerhead Software 

“For me, more than anything, they are a partner on HR issues. What’s more, we always have fun working together.” – Pia Geivald, HR Manager, AniCura 

“Commitment and dedication is what makes ID Entity special for me. They are extremely professional and meticulous, and demand the best from us and candidates.” – Ingrid Roslund Winje, responsible for Labour Law and Negotiation, Skandia